Special Educational Needs and Disabilites (SEND)

An extra slot added....

We are happy to say that we are able to have a dedicated lesson/woodland trek for children that need a little more assistance.

If the weather is fine, we often take them on a trek into the woodland area, to enjoy the outdoors. If it looks better to have a lesson in the indoor school that day, the pace of the lesson and the vocabulary used by the Instructor will be appropriate to those children on the lesson.

Children will be lead by one of our efficient volunteers and we can provide a second person to walk alongside if necessary.

There are widely published benefits for children with special needs, not only physically but mentally too. Encouraging the children to sit up straight for the time they are on the pony helps to improve core strength and posture. Learning how to steer the pony as well as asking them to stand still or walk on, all encourages them to concentrate on the task in hand and improving their co-ordination and communication skills.

Saturday 12.15 - £25. (Link to 'Activities Unlimited' for funding to be uploaded shortly)


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